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Mike's Classics is a buyer/re-seller of used Video Games, Consoles, and more.

There is a huge demand in the used game market, while the replay value & tangible advantage of having a game cartridge in hand,
has never been higher. One need only look to modern consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, and more recently the Nintendo 3DS,
to realize that classic games are still very much in demand. MikesClassics.com launched with the philosophy
 that many gamers still wanted to collect & cherish these timeless treasures.

In addition, realizing that the re-sell market for stores like Gamestop & Best Buy is ridiculously under priced for sellers
 & grossly overpriced for buyers, we have decided to step in to bridge this gap.

Do you, or friends, have a bunch of classic games collecting cobwebs in a closet/attic/garage somewhere?

Want to sell them but are not keen on parting with a classic for the $4 a game retailer offered you?

Look no further and send us a list of your used/classic items for a free quote.
 In 99% of cases, we will be able to offer you more cash for your product than a leading game retailer.
 We appreciate all forms of feedback, your questions are welcome.

-Team Mike

Mike Birt  - President

Steve Birt  - Tech




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